Sinomet Aluminum always sticks to “people orientation, respect customers, being professional and devoted, shaping brands with excellent spirit, forge the enterprise with outstanding management, taking the market with top ranking quality and serving customers with first-class teams. “

Ours Mission:

To be the outstanding aluminum industry procurement center in China.

Ours Visions:

To focus on the industry and products, Redound on the customers and create the win-win market. To be the Professional  Aluminum Iudustrial Products Exporter in China.

Core values:

Establish by Credit, Focus on customers, Win-win for the market.

Relevant concepts under the guidance of the core values of Sinomet Aluminum:

Operation concepts: Oriented with market, centered with customers and goal for satisfaction.

Management concepts: Details determine the success, innovation realizes increment and responsibility achieves the resplendence.

Service concepts: Passion, Staidness, Professional and responsibility.

Career  concepts: Human Talents, making achievements with responbilities.

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