In March 2003, Start on the sales of special extruded aluminum alloy and establishing beginning of aluminum industry

In August 2004, Exploring overseas market of architectural aluminum profiles and attain with the market share increasing rapidly.

In July 2008, Expanding the overseas market of aluminum sheets and foils, also Aluminum HCP, th market shares growing up.

In march 2009, Enlarge to aluminum doors, windows and other fabrication products sales, Also obtaining well overseas market response.

In July 2010, Developing to the market operation of aluminum conductors and cables projects, Dealing with the overseas regional agencies.

In December 2012, Recombine the Sinomet Aluminum, Associating with industrial leaders, focusing on service of production and sales of aluminum  products, and sailing to the prosperous aluminum products world……

New Sinomet, New growth! With the consistent supports from the customers, Sinomet Aluminum will create a win-win aluminum market!


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